What we produce?

We produce Decorative PVC Door Panels, PVC Sandwich Panels and PVC Sheets.
The Decorative Door Panels that we produce, usually using in entrance doors and many different door types. PVC Sandwich Panels are as an alternative to paneling in doors and can be used in joinery, partition wall and construction industry etc.

Thermoform PVC Door Panels

Decorative PVC door panels which are formed with heat (Thermoform) and designed with embossed shapes.

PVC Flat Door Panels

Decorative PVC Door Panels designed with straight cuts without embossed shapes.

Inox Framed PVC Door Panel

Decorative PVC Door Panels designed with flat cuts and inox steel frames.

PVC Sandwich Panel

PVC Panels which can be combined with PVC sheet or MDF sheet and pressed with XPS or EPS filling.