What is PVC Sandwich Panel?

They are panels which can be combined with PVC sheet or MDF sheet and pressed with XPS or EPS filling.

PVC Sandwich Panels has very wide appilcation fields and provides advantages such as thermal insulation, lightweight, flexible, impact resistance, decorative appearance and fast processing.

  • Long-Life

  • Heat and Sound Insulation

  • Easy Assembling

PVC Sandwich Panel Types

Our door panels are manufactured using advanced technology that bonds two PVC-U sknis to a variety of core materials ensuring the integrity of the panel for heat and moisture. Depending on the degree of security reqiured we offer a chocie of core material.

Standard PVC Panel with XPS or EPS Filling

Standard Laminated PVC Panel with XPS or EPS Filling

MDF-backed PVC Panel with XPS or EPS Filling

XPS or EPS Filled, Double Layer MDF-backed PVC Panel

XPS or EPS Filled and MDF Filled PVC Panel

PVC Sandwich Panel Dimensions

Sheet Wall Thickness Filling Material Thickness Panel Thickness Panel Dimensions
0,80-1,00mm 18,00mm 20,00mm 800-2000mm
0,80-1,00mm 22,00mm 24,00mm
1,40-1,50mm 17,00mm 20,00mm
1,40-1,50mm 21,00mm 24,00mm